Saturday, April 28, 2007


I want a life of ease, wealth and pleasure. That sounds good. I fantasize about such a life. But is that what I choose to pursue? Partly, and partly not. Many times it seems I've chosen struggle instead. Not consciously, mind you, but that has been the net result.

I guess one could say such an approach must be based on some form of neurosis, or unresolved issues from childhood. Why not have a good life? Is our country not founded on the "pursuit of happiness"?

But of course, there's the rub as they say. Happiness is not all that simple a proposition, when you get right down to it.

It isn't the same as pleasure although many people confuse the two. It isn't having wealth or an easy life. It isn't even having an atrractive and loving partner or work you love (these two are a little closer to it), although we are told these things will make us happy.

I think that happiness or contentment, if it is found anywhere on this planet, only comes from the gradual revelation of the inner self, the spark of creation that we are each given. The context where this occurs doesn't matter, nor does the fullness of such expression. All that really matters is the effort.

I'm not sure, but I think that might be the game.

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Lisa V. said...

Hey Dave. I remembered your blog at work last week - I now have a job doing product support in downtown Evanston for a big company and have an astonishingly little amount of actual work to do all day :)

I like what you're saying here :)

Pictures from when I was in DC this winter.

Here's me on NBC news :)

Haven't talked to anyone from BDA for awhile except for right after I got this job I heard from Eva that Marie's new assistant was quitting. I work at the same company with Mark's guy Mike.